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Kids Escape Room

Creating your very own kids’ Birthday Party Escape Room, it’s something original and the kids will have a blast. Another year ahead, another party to plan, what’s it going to be this time. Today it seems kids’ birthday parties have to be better than the last one.

Worker Auction Youth Game

This is normally a fundraising activity but does bring the added benefit of being great for team building and helps your young people get to know others in the group.A worker auction basically involves auctioning your young people (and leaders) off as workers to the highest bidder. Begin by getting a list of kids and leaders that are willing to auction themselves off.

Would You Rather Youth Game

The activity ‘Would you Rather’ is a very simple game – it can be a great time-filler or icebreaker too.The basic idea is you ask a "Would you rather" question (see below for examples) and each person must decide their answer.You can run the game in various formats, depending on the time available and the size of your group.

Year Of The Coin Youth Game

A quick simple get-to-know-you activity for youths.This game works for groups of between 4-10 people. Start with a handful of coins and hand out one coin to each person.You then go around the group and each person should look at the year their coin was made (generally printed on the coin) and inform the rest of the group what they were doing in that year.

Wink Murder Youth Game

This one is a classic game that has been around for decades!Each player sits down forming a circle, and a leader goes and picks two people while everyone is closing their eyes. The people that are picked are the winkers, but only the leader knows that. When the leader signals, everyone can open their eyes and look around at other people. The winker's objectives are to "kill" everyone in the room.

Wink Em Youth Game

Place chairs in a circle facing inward and have all the girls (or guys) sit down. One guy needs to stand behind each girl. One guy should have an empty chair and he is the Winker. The winker's job is to wink at one of the girls in the circle. She is to attempt to get out of her seat and sit in the empty chair in front of the winker.

Who Did It Youth Game

This is a good ice breaker activity for new groups where people may not know each other that well.Distribute pens and papers to each person and ask them to write something exciting they have done in their lives - for instance, "I have been sky diving" or "I have been in the hospital for a week" etc.

Where Were You Youth Game

Have group members sit in a circle and choose one person to be the Chief Inspector and instructthat person to stand in the middle of the circle. Instruct the Chief to go somewhere in the circle and ask that person where he or she was on a specific day during the last two weeks, a specific month in the last year, or a specific year in their life. e.g.

Weather Report Youth Game

This is a great game for groups where people don't know each other that well.

Water Balloon Toss Youth Game

Supplies Needed: Water BalloonsPair everyone up in two's. Have the group develop two shoulder to shoulder lines with everyone facing their partner in the other line. Start the two lines only a couple of feet apart at first.Give one water balloon to each person in one of the lines so that each pair of partners has a balloon.

Water Balloon Launch Youth Game

For this game, you’ll need lots of filled water balloons.One idea is to fill them then float them in a 55-gallon garbage can so they don't break, then move them to smaller buckets for the game. Split your group into teams of 8 to 10 people. This activity is a timed event.Each team consists of launchers and catchers.

Wall Ball Youth Game

Each participant gets a ball and stands in a line facing a gym wall so that each participant is about 10 feet away from the wall.After a signal, each participant throws their ball against the wall but have to catch a DIFFERENT ball than the one that they threw. Behind them stand two catchers (you can start with the facilitators being the catchers if you wish), who try to get any of the balls.
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