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Celebrity Head Youth Game

An oldie but a goodie!To play this game, you need three headbands or headpieces onto which you slot or stick a piece of paper or card. The person wearing the headband should not be able to see what's written on the card.Make sure you have 10-15 cards and write the name of a celebrity in big letters on each card.Then choose three volunteers to sit in front of the group.

Caterpillar Race Youth Game

Divide the group into teams of equal size, with five to seven players on each team (3 also works). Have kids think up a name with one-syllable for their teams. Then line teams up next to each other behind a starting line.

Categories Youth Game

Everyone needs a piece of paper and pen for this one.Down the left-hand side, write the following categories:TV ShowSingerFoodAnimalColorPlaceType of carSportFamous person etc.Read out a letter, and people must quickly write down something that matcheseach category.

Cat And Mouse Youth Game

(This can be played outdoors on the ground, or ideally inside on a gym floor)Have all your students pair up (size and/or gender does not matter). Each pair will choose a spot anywhere in the playing area and sit side by side. The leader will choose one pair to start, with one player being the "Cat" and the other the "Mouse.

Growing up in a church, without doubt, camps were the events that had the most positive influence on my life. Spending significant quality time together with other people, the experiences we shared, were literally life-shaping.Therefore, it would be remiss not to include a page dedicated to camps.

Buzz Fizz Youth Game

Divide the group into smaller groups of 10 (or thereabouts depending on the size ofyour group).They have to count from 1 to 50 as a group. However, the trick is that at all multiples of five they must say "Buzz!" and at all multiples of seven and at any number that also contains the name seven, they must say "Fizz!". If the group messes up, they have to start over again.

Bun Shuffle Youth Game

Arrange chairs in a big circle. Select someone from the group to be "it" and that person stands in the middle of the circle. Have the remainder of the group sit on the chairs, and ensure you have one spare chair.The aim of the game is for people sitting down to prevent the person that is "it" to take a seat.

Build A Bridge Youth Game

The idea of this game is simple - divide your group into teams of 3 or 4, and give each team a "Building Kit" (explained below) and a bowl of water.Each group has 30 minutes to build a bridge that spans across a bowl of water. At the end of 30 minutes, each group demonstrates their bridge. You then test it for strength by adding pebbles one at a time, until the bridge collapses.

Brown Shoe Bingo Youth Game

Start with a bingo card with a long list full of characteristics, facts, and qualitiessuch as:such as:................. has with brown shoes...................  is wearing a red jumper or shirt.....................  is an only child.....................  drives a green car.......................... memorized this bible verse: .............................................

Body Speller Youth Game

Form two or more teams.Then have team members take turns standing in front of their teams and spelling out words or phrases with their bodies for the team to guess.The speller is not allowed to speak or mouth the words. You'll assign numerous ways that kids can use to spell the words. For example, the spellers may only be able to use their index finger or even their feet.

Blind Draw Youth Game

This game involves pairing up. Each pair should sit back-to-back in such a way that they cannotsee each other.Give one member a picture, object or a scene. They must then describe this to their partner without using obvious words (for example, the picture may be of a chicken but the person is not permitted to use the word "chicken, bird, hen" etc.

Blanket Volleyball Youth Game

This game is similar to normal volleyball, but each team is given a blanket. One team should stand around the edge of the blanket, stretching it out so it is tight.The "serving" team should start by placing the ball on the blanket, loosening then bringing it tight so it "throws" the ball over the net. The second team then use their blanket to catch the ball then throw it back.
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