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Name Toss Youth Game

For this game, all you need is a pool noodle or a pillow... something that will not hurt if you got hit with it!Have your group sit in a circle on chairs. One player stands in the middle with the pillow or pool noodle and picks one person.That person then says their own name and also the name of somebody else in the circle. Then that person says their own name and the name of someone else.

My Secret Identity Youth Game

Give each player a post-it note and ask them to write on it the name of someone well known to everyone in the group. It could be a celebrity, sportsperson, or the local pastor.Without showing anyone, stick this to the back (or the forehead) of the person next to you. Everyone then mingles amongst each other, with the aim of determining their "secret identity".

Musical People Youth Game

A twist on Musical Chairs... minus the chairs you don’t need much for this game.Start by playing some music. People must walk around the room, spread out, not in clumps, listening to the music playing. The participant holding the music player/ phone stops the music and calls out "groups of 4" or "groups of 7" and those people must make groups of the numbered called as fast as possible.

Musical Clothes Youth Game

For this youth game, you need a garbage bag full of old clothes. Head down to your local thrifty shop and pick some up.Sit everyone in a circle, and start some music playing. The idea is that the kids pass thegarbage bag around the circle and when the music stops, whoever is holding the bag must pull out an item of clothing (without looking) and put it on.

Molecules Youth Game

Everyone has to move around randomly until the leader shouts out "Molecules of " and they say a number. If they say 6, then everyone has to try and get into a random group of 6 people, any more or less are out, and the last 2 are the winners.If you say molecules of 1 you have to stand on one foot and put your hands together over your head like a roof of a house, and if you fall, you're out.

Minefiled Youth Game

This game educates kids the value of communication and trust.It works best if you have a large area, indoor or outdoor. Set up a series of obstacles (chairs, tables, balls, etc.).Ask the group to pair off - one person is blindfolded and must make their way through the "minefield" by listening to their partner. Their partner verbally talks them through but cannot enter the minefield.

Matthew Mark Luke John Youth Game

Sit everyone in a circle. Each sitting area is assigned a name or number, starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, one, two, three, four, etc. (until everyone has a number)Everyone joins in, repeating a four-count rhythm, slapping their legs twice, clapping once, and silence for one count (i.e. slap, slap, clap, slap, slap, clap ....., etc.)."Matthew" always starts.

Marshmallow Tower Youth Game

For this activity, you need packet(s) of marshmallows and packet(s) of spaghetti.Split the group into two or more teams. Between 4-8 is the ideal team size. The aim is to see which group builds the highest tower using only the items provided. The towers must be stable.It is fun but covers many competencies - teamwork, communication, problem-solving, leadership.

Magic Carpet Youth Game

Divide the group into teams of 8 to 12 people.Each team will be given a large piece of paper, towel, or rug as a magic carpet and all team members will be standing on it.You begin the game by telling teams the following: You are on a magic carpet, thousands of feet up in the sky. But you're not going anywhere because your carpet is upside down.

MM Youth Game

Give out M&M’s to everyone or just a select few people in your group. Instruct them to choose an M&M (could give out a handful and have them pick one out). According to what color they choose, they must tell the group something about themselves.

Look Up Look Down Youth Game

Organise people in a circle (max 15-20 people per circle) and ask everyone to look down.When the facilitator says "Look up"everyone must look up and immediately look at someone else in the circle.If two participants are looking at each other, they must both scream and step out of the circle. Those that did not make eye contact with anyone continue to stare until the facilitator says "Look down".

Line Up Blind Youth Game

Very similar to Line Up, this activity involves lining up in a given order, but with a twist.Cover everyone's eyes with a handkerchief or blindfold. Once everyone's eyes are covered, announce to the group they have to organize themselves into a line in order of surname (alphabetically).
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